Intermediate A League Fixtures 2017

February 24th, 2017 | Football

Intermediate A League Fixtures 2017

Fixtures for the Intermediate A Armagh League 2017

Intermediate A
Round 2 Sun 30 April
Claqn Na Gael v St Peters
Forkhill v Grange
Killeavy v Carrickcruppin
Silverbridge v Tullysarran
Round 3 Sun 7 May
St Peters v Silverbridge
Grange v Killeavy
Carrickcruppin v Forkhill
Tullysarran v Clan Na Gael
Round 4 Sun 14 May
Silverbridge v Carrickcruppin
Killeavy v St Peters
Forkhill v Tullysarran
Clan Na Gael v Grange
Round 5 Sun 21 May
Killeavy v Silverbridge
Clan Na Gael v Forkhill
Grange v St Peters
Carrickcruppin v Tullysarran
Round 6 Sun 28 May
Forkhill v Killeavy
Silverbridge v Clan Na Gael
Tullysarran v Grange
StPeters v Carrickcruppin
Divisional Shield Finals and re-fixtures Fri 2 June
Rd 1 Fri 9 June
Carrickcruppin v Clan Na Gael
St Peters v Forkhill
Tullysarran v Killeavy
Grange v Silverbridge
Round 7 Sun 11 June
Killeavy v Clan Na Gael
Grange v Carrickcruppin
Forkhill v Silverbridge
St Peters v Tullysarran
Round 9 Sun 18 June
Clan Na Gael v Silverbridge
Carrickcruppin v St Peters
Killeavy v Forkhill
Grange v Tullysarran
Round 9 Fri 23 June
Silverbridge v Forkhill
Tullysarran v St Petersw
Carrickcruppin v Grange
Clan Na Gael v Killeavy
Round 10 Fri 30 June
Silverbridge v Killeavy
St Peters v Grange
Forkhill v Clan Na Gael
Tullysarran v Carrickcruppin
Round 11 Sun 2 July
St Peters v Killeavy
Clan Na Gael v Tullysarran
Carrickcruppin v Silverbridge
Grange v Forkhill
Round 12 Fri 7 July
Tullysarran v Forkhill
Silverbridge v St Peters
Killeavy v Grange
Clan Na Gael v Carrickcruppin
Round 13 Sun 23 July
Killeavy v Tullysarran
Silverbridge v Grange
Forkhill v Carrickcruppin
St Peters v Clan Na Gael
Round 14 Fri 28 July
Tullysarran Silverbridge
Carrickcruppin Killeavy
Grange Clan Na Gael
Forkhill St Peters



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