Level 1 Football Coaching Award

Armagh Coaching and Games will be delivering a Level 1 Football Coaching Award on the following dates:

  • Friday 28th October 7pm-10pm
  • Saturday 29th October 9am-5pm
  • Friday 4th November 7pm-10pm
  • Saturday 5th November 9am-5pm

The Award will take place in the Athletic Grounds.

The cost is £50 per coach.

Coaches attending must have already completed their Foundation Award or the New Introduction to Coaching Gaelic Games Award.

Coaches must be pre-enrolled on the course before they can attend via their club secretary (information and an enrolment code has been emailed to all club secretaries).

The Course is limited to a maximum attendance of 24. Payment must be received before the course begins. This can be done on the first night.


Course Information

The Award 1 Coach Education course is the second award on the coaching pathway of Gaelic Games.

The course is aimed at coaches that have progressed through the Foundation Award and have experience as a coach.

The Award 1 course has been designed to take account of the different playing capacities that exist between children (up to 12 years), youths (age 13 – 18) and Adults (age 19+) and the competencies that a coach is required to display when working with each of the playing populations.

Therefore, coaches can specialise in coaching the particular players that they are involved with.

The course is 16 hours in duration and covers a number of key modules including:

  • Technical Proficiency
  • Tactical Prowess
  • Team Play
  • Physical Fitness
  • Playing Facts
  • Psychological Focus
  • Communication

The focus of the course is the further development of the ‘How to Coach’ skills by placing the participant in situations that they will face as coaches – the organisation of games activities, activities to develop skill and activities to develop the various aspects of physical fitness.

Coaching Competencies to be developed by the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Organise a programme of games and skill development activities appropriate to each participant’s needs and abilities
  • Organise progressive activities (drills and fun games) to develop five key skills
  • Organise progressive activities to develop movement skills appropriate to Gaelic Games
  • Organise and manage players for an effective practice session
  • Build Rapport, Observe, Analyse, Explain, Provide Demonstration and Provide Positive Feedback to Players
  • Understand the course philosophy
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