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What is ASEE
Orchard Academy

  • Primary School coaching
  • Club coach education opportunities
  • ASEE Orchard Academy player development workshops
  • ASEE Orchard Academy post primary school competitions
  • ASEE Orchard Academy development squads

The aim of the Orchard Academy is to broaden participation levels while teaching the skills of the game in formative years and establishing holistic best practice around players in the “Learn to Compete” phase of their development.


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Academy Information

Primary School Pilot Programme

Armagh GAA are offering every primary school in the county the opportunity to engage with and benefit from a comprehensive new programme of Gaelic Games.

Programme Includes

Structured Key Stage 2 (P5-P7) program


Full School year – timetabled & consistent delivery


GAA focused – game & movement skills


Widening participation rates for all clubs


Enhancing club / school links – club input


Joint Club & County investment


Extends the overall Player Pathway

Our Ambassador Oisin O’Neill

I would say to any young player to chase your dream. Try to get into good habits which will remain with you for the rest of your career.


Probably the most important thing is to take on board the advice of your coaches as they are only trying to help you achieve the potential that you already have.  And enjoy it!!!



The circuit below is should be completed at least twice a week and you will find demonstration videos.

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