Training: Healthy Club Officer Workshop

February 13th, 2020 | Events

Training: Healthy Club Officer Workshop

Armagh Health and Wellbeing Committee have organised Healthy Club Officer training.

It will take place on Monday 17 February at 7.30pm in the Athletic Grounds.

Training will be delivered by officers from Croke Park.  It is important that ALL ‘Healthy Club Officers’ attend the training.

To facilitate refreshments please RSVP to Seamus McDonagh through your club secretary as soon as possible or email

Healthy Club Officer Training

The role of the Healthy Club Officer is to help ensure that their club is a healthier place for everyone to enjoy. (Please note that this position has replaced the former ASAP Officer role.)

They will be supported in this work by their Club Executive and their County Health & Wellbeing Committee. Policies, programmes, partnerships, and resources specific to the role are available, see for more details.


  • The key functions of the role are to communicate the good work your club is doing and/or plans to do, support the on-going development of the club’s health and wellbeing policies, programmes, partnerships and overall ethos and signpost to health and wellbeing opportunities in your club and to support services in your community.
  • While not an elected member, it is recommended that the Healthy Club Officer attend club executive meetings. Alternatively, regular formal reporting of activities should be agreed.
  • The officer will familiarise themselves with the content of the GAA’s Community & Health Department website
  • The officer WILL NOT BE required to provide direct services or support to members but may help signpost to appropriate services provided by local/national agencies and/or voluntary groups


  • Good communication and interpersonal and organisational skills – computer literacy is essential.
  • Ability to work with other club officers e.g. Children’s/Coaching Officer and the Executive as required.
  • Have a genuine interest and knowledge in the Association and interest in health and wellbeing.
  • Good standing in the community and the ability to deal discretely with potentially sensitive issues.
  • Willingness to attend training as provided by the GAA or its partners.


  • It is recommended that the Healthy Club Officer be appointed for a minimum of two years to allow adequate time to develop and embed the role.
  • It will be beneficial to involve other interested club members in this work by way of a small committee or as project teams to support specific goals or activities.

All supporting resources are available on the Community & Health website:

Further information can be sought by emailing






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