That man behind the Camera

February 2nd, 2015 | Football

That man behind the Camera

Anyone who has visited the Athletic Grounds will have seen Paul Heaney. He will be up alongside the Ceannáras in wind, rain and sun. Known to many who pass and say hello, he is one of many volunteers that work to help all those who support our county or their club. Paul is usually among one of the first to arrive at the Athletic Grounds and the last to leave. Getting his spot and setting up the cameras to beam the action on the field onto the ‘Big Screen’ for those inside to enjoy and to bring the Athletic Grounds to PCs, laptops & iPads across the globe.

Paul, along with county IT Officer Kevin Fox, is one of the main driving forces behind Linwoods Armagh TV. The Linwoods Armagh TV team are all volunteers who give their time freely, to bring Armagh GAA games to those Gaels who can’t make it to the games. Armagh TV is now well established as a broadcaster of the Armagh Club Championships, at all levels. Whether you are in San Francisco or Brisbane, Paul helps to ensure that for 60 or 70 minutes you are brought right into the thick of the action in the Athletic Grounds.

After any conversation with Paul, you could not fail to notice the love he has for our games and our county. He has an amazing ability to bring any conversation around to Armagh and the GAA. As well as his time spent in the Athletic Grounds, Paul can also be seen at all of the away National League venues, camera in tow, to record the action for team analysis. This is a role that Paul has done for the senior, U21 and minor teams in both football and hurling. It’s a role that he took over following the death of his close friend and true gentleman, Oliver Toal.

Paul has had the honour of working in and for Croke Park on Junior and Intermediate club finals and again for his county in last year’s great run in the football qualifiers.

Paul will be quick to thank his very understanding wife Jackie and daughter, who on some weekends must wonder where he is, but who support him and his work with Armagh TV. Like all those who volunteer and give up hour after hour for their club and county, it is because of the support, love and encouragement from those at home, that they continue to offer their best for the GAA.



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