Voluntary Stewards Progamme

August 24th, 2014 | Senior Football

Voluntary Stewards Progamme

Armagh GAA are currently recruiting for Match Day Stewards to add to its existing pool and looking for interested applications to forward their details.

Have you several hours per week you can give to the County to cover games in Athletic Grounds or occasionally in other areas of Armagh, are you friendly, courteous, enthusiastic and willing to learn new skills, then we want to hear from you.

Please let us know a bit about your background, have you done any security work before, the hours you’d be able to give per week. Click the slides to your left & if you would still like to declare an interest please submit your details for consideration.

Roles of Voluntary Stewards on Event Days

To maintain a safe and secure environment in your given area and to be familiar with the stadium ground regulations, ensuring that any breach of these regulations is brought to a safe conclusion.

  • Crowd Control – sideline duty and stand vomitories
  • Customer Care – usher and assist patrons, disability awareness assistance, direct patrons to designated smoking areas and recycling banks
  • Emergency Procedures – e.g. assisting with stadium evacuation
  • Media – assist with photographers and reporters pitch side
  • Match Day Miscellaneous –dressing rooms, players tunnel duties

Requirements to be a Voluntary Steward

Voluntary Stewards must be:

  • 18+
  • Available to work weekends & fewer week nights.
  • Fit and active
  • Friendly, courteous, enthusiastic

Type of Event Days Volunteers will be asked to Steward  

Event days which voluntary stewards will be requested to steward include GAA matches, and concerts.

Voluntary Stewards Benefits

Voluntary Stewards are not paid in monetary terms. However, every event day they are provided with a free match day programme, sandwiches and beverages. A FETAC training course is also provided for all stewards.

Induction and Training 

All volunteers receive induction when they begin voluntary work, provided by supervisory stewards. This consists of a general introduction to the organisation, as well as a specific orientation on the purposes and requirements of their volunteering role.

Stewards are provided with training to deal with all situations and are given Stewards Staff Handbook with all match day information and details for event days.

Volunteers receive initial and ongoing on-the-job training to provide them with the information and skills necessary to perform their tasks well. The training is appropriate for the demands of the position and the capabilities of the volunteer.

Each event day the Head Stewards carry out a pre-event briefing, approximately a half an hour prior to the public turnstiles opening with the supervisory stewards and the Garda Inspector.

Your supervisor will designate your work position and also your standby position in the event of an emergency at this time.

A FETAC Level 5 Training Course is also provided over two days during the year. Stewards are requested to complete the training course.

Probation Period 

All placements are subject to an initial trial period of two event days. If you pass this period, the volunteers may continue in their current role or be reassigned to a more suitable role.

Please note that improper conduct will not be tolerated, such as theft, misuse of equipment or working under the influence of alcohol, and may/will result in a dismissal.

Supervision and Support

Each volunteer will have a clearly identified supervisor who is responsible for the event day management of that volunteer.

Accident/Incident Report Cards are available at each event day for all stewards to fill out if necessary.

How do voluntary stewards know if they are needed to work for an event day

During the days in the run up to event days all stewards are sent a text message requesting them to work in Croke Park the following event day at X o’clock.

The steward is asked to reply a simple ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ for if they are available for work.

On an event day stewards are called in approximately 1hour before public turnstiles open and are expected to remain in position in the grounds for approximately 30minutes after the final game or until instructed to stand down.

Dress Code

All stewards are required to be dressed smart and tidy. Team affiliations should not be worn at any time. Ensure you wear a safety stewards jacket at all times (of which will be provided to you by Armagh GAA).

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