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Junior Football League Fixtures 2016

Round 1
Ballyhegan v Killeavy II 10th Apr
St Patricks II v Clonmore 10th Apr
Dorsey Emmetts v O’Hanlons 10th Apr
Pearse Ogs II v Crossmaglen II 10th Apr
Keady v Belleek 10th Apr
St Michaels v Clady 10th Apr
Lissummon v Collegeland 10th Apr
Round 2
Belleek v Ballyhegan 17th Apr
Clonmore v Keady 17th Apr
Clady v Lissummon 17th Apr
O’Hanlons v St Michaels 17th Apr
Collegeland v Pearse Ogs II 17th Apr
Crossmaglen II v Dorsey Emmetts 17th Apr
Killeavy II v St Patricks II 17th Apr
Round 3
Lissummon v Clonmore 24th Apr
St Michaels v Killeavy II 24th Apr
Pearse Ogs II v Belleek 24th Apr
Dorsey Emmetts v Clady 24th Apr
St Patricks II v O’Hanlons 24th Apr
Ballyhegan v Collegeland 24th Apr
Keady v Crossmaglen II 24th Apr **
Round 4
Crossmaglen II v St Michaels 1st May
Clonmore v Pearse Ogs II 1st May
Killeavy II v Dorsey Emmetts 1st May
Collegeland v St Patricks II 1st May
O’Hanlons v Ballyhegan 1st May
Clady v Keady 1st May
Belleek v Lissummon 1st May
Round 5
Clonmore v Ballyhegan 6th May
Crossmaglen II v St Patricks II 6th May
O’Hanlons v Lissummon 6th May
Collegeland v St Michaels 6th May
Belleek v Dorsey Emmetts 6th May
Clady v Pearse Ogs II 6th May
Killeavy II v Keady 8th May
Round 6
Pearse Ogs II v Killeavy II 13th May
Ballyhegan v Clady 13th May
Lissummon v Crossmaglen II 13th May
St Michaels v Clonmore 13th May
Keady v O Hanlons 13th May
St Patricks II v Belleek 15th May
Dorsey Emmetts v Collegeland 15th May
Ballyhegan v Keady 15th May Rd 10  **
Round 7
St Patricks II v St Michaels 22nd May
Killeavy II v Clonmore 22nd May
Keady v Collegeland 22nd May
Belleek v O’Hanlons 22nd May
Dorsey Emmetts v Lissummon 22nd May
Clady v Crossmaglen II 22nd May
Ballyhegan v Pearse Ogs II 22nd May
Round 8
Collegeland v Killeavy II 27th May
St Patricks II v Clady 27th May
St Michaels v Dorsey Emmetts 27th May
Pearse Ogs II v O’Hanlons 27th May
Lissummon v Keady 27th May **
Crossmaglen II v Belleek 3rd Jun Rd 8
Lissummon v Ballyhegan 3rd Jun
Round 9
O’Hanlons v Crossmaglen II 5th Jun
Ballyhegan v St Patricks II 5th Jun
Killeavy II v Lissummon 5th Jun
Belleek v Collegeland 5th Jun
Clady v Clonmore 5th Jun
Dorsey Emmetts v Pearse Ogs II 5th Jun
Keady v St Michaels 5th Jun **
Round 10
Lissummon v St Michaels 10th Jun
O’Hanlons v Killeavy II 10th Jun
Pearse Ogs II v St Patricks II 12th Jun
Collegeland v Crossmaglen II 12th Jun
Clonmore v Dorsey Emmetts 12th Jun
Belleek v Clady 12th Jun
Round 11
Killeavy II v Belleek 17th Jun
Clady v Collegeland 17th Jun
Clonmore v O’Hanlons 17th Jun
Lissummon v St Patricks II 17th Jun
St Michaels v Pearse Ogs II 17th Jun
Crossmaglen v Ballyhegan 17th Jun
Refixtures 19th June
Keady v Dorsey Emmetts 22nd Jun Rd   11 **
Clonmore v Belleek 24th Jun Rd 8
Round 12
Killeavy II v Crossmaglen II 26th Jun
Ballyhegan v St Michaels 26th Jun
St Patricks II v Dorsey Emmetts 26th Jun
Collegeland v Clonmore 26th Jun
O’Hanlons v Clady 26th Jun
Pearse Ogs II v Keady 29th Jun **
Round 13
Crossmaglen II v Clonmore 3rd Jul
St Michaels v Belleek 3rd Jul
St Patricks II v Keady 3rd Jul
Collegeland v O’Hanlons 3rd Jul
Killeavy II v Clady 3rd Jul
Pearse Ogs II v Lissummonn 3rd Jul
Dorsey Emmetts v Ballyhegan 3rd Jul
JA Rd 1 JB Rd 1 8th Jul **
JA Rd 2 JB Rd 2 22nd Jul
JA Rd 3 JB Rd 3 24th Jul
JA Rd 4 JB Rd 4 31st Jul
JA Rd 5 JB Rd 5 7th Aug
JA Rd 6 JB Rd 6 14th Aug

The fixtures marked ** may be subject to change by CCC if senior County Hurling fixtures impact on player availability.

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