The roots of St Michaels GFC Killean can be traced back over 100 years to when the club was formed in the early 1900’s and fielded a team in the
junior championship and league.
Unfortunately, due to economic conditions, emigration was a major problem in the area and declining player numbers meant in 1957 St Michaels Killean had to amalgamate with St Monninas of Killeavy.
St Monninas Killeavy continued to represent the entire parish until 2008 when, having seen the demand in the Killean area for football at junior level a
committee was formed with the purpose of re-establishing the old St Michaels club.
Having ascertained that such a club would be feasible the committee submitted a proposal the Armagh county board in January of 2009 and the club was
officially re affiliated at a meeting later that month.

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