Reserve League North Fixtures 2016

RFL    North          
Round 1          
Clann Eireann v Annaghmore 13th Apr    
Eire Og v Ballyhegan 13th Apr    
Clan Na Gael v Wolfe Tone 13th Apr    
Sarsfield v Maghery 13th Apr    
St Pauls v St Peters 13th Apr    
Tir Na nOg v Collegeland 13th Apr    
Round 2          
Ballyhegan v Clan Na Gael 20th Apr    
Annaghmore v Tir Na nOg 20th Apr    
Wolfe Tone v Clann Eireann 20th Apr    
Maghery v St Pauls 20th Apr    
St Peters v Sarsfield 20th Apr    
Collegeland v Eire Og 20th Apr    
Round 3          
Clann Eireann v Collegeland 27th Apr    
Eire Og v Annaghmore 27th Apr    
Clan Na Gael v St Peters 27th Apr    
Sarsfield v Ballyhegan 27th Apr    
St Pauls v Wolfe Tone 27th Apr    
Tir Na nOg v Maghery 27th Apr    
Round 4          
Collegeland v Sarsfield 4th May    
Annaghmore v St Pauls 4th May    
Ballyhegan v Tir Na nOg 4th May    
Maghery v Clan Na Gael 4th May    
Wolfe Tone v Eire Og 4th May    
St Peters v Clann Eireann 4th May    
Round 5          
Sarsfield v St Pauls 11th May    
Tir Na nOg v Wolfe Tone 11th May    
Collegeland v Annaghmore 11th May    
Ballyhegan v Maghery 11th May    
Eire Og v St Peters 11th May    
Clann Eireann v Clan Na Gael 11th May    
Round 6          
Clan Na Gael v Eire Og 18th May    
St Pauls v Tir Na nOg 18th May    
Annaghmore v Ballyhegan 18th May    
Maghery v Clann Eireann 18th May    
St Peters v Collegeland 18th May    
Wolfe Tone v Sarsfield 18th May    
Reserve Championship Preliminary Round          
Round 7          
Collegeland   Wolfe Tone 25th May    
Clann Eireann v St Pauls 25th May    
Ballyhegan v St Peters 25th May    
Tir Na nOg v Clan Na Gael 25th May    
Eire Og v Maghery 25th May    
Annaghmore v Sarsfield 25th May    
1st June    Reserve Championship First Round          
Round 8          
Eire Og v Clann Eireann 8th June    
Sarsfield v Tir Na nOg 8th June    
Wolfe Tone v St Peters 8th June    
Maghery v Annaghmore 8th June    
Collegeland v Ballyhegan 8th June    
St Pauls v Clan Na Gael 8th June    
Round  9          
Annaghmore v Clan Na Gael 15th Jun    
St Pauls v Collegeland 15th Jun    
Ballyhegan v Wolfe Tone 15th Jun    
Sarsfield v Eire Og 15th Jun    
Tir Na nOg v Clann Eireann 15th Jun    
St Peters v Maghery 15th Jun    
22nd  June Reserve Championship Quarter Finals  and refixtures          
Round 10          
Clann Eireann v Sarsfield 29th Jun    
Maghery v Wolfe Tone 29th Jun    
Ballyhegan v St Pauls 29th Jun    
Clan Na Gael v Collegeland 29th Jun    
Eire Og v Tir Na nOg 29th Jun    
St Peters v Annaghmore 29th Jun    
Round 11          
Wolfe Tone v Annaghmore 6th July    
Clann Eireann v Ballyhegan 6th July    
Collegeland v Maghery 6th July    
St Pauls v Eire Og 6th July    
Clan Na Gael v Sarsfield 6th July    
Tir Na nOg v St Peters 6th July    
Semi finals of Reserve Championship       4 teams  
20th and 27th July   27th July Reserve Championship Final    
Reserve League Final    Winners North    v  Winners  South    3rd August          


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