Fight On Campaign for Séanín Smith

May 26th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Fight On Campaign for Séanín Smith

Request from the family of Séainín Smith, Beleeks.

After living a normal life, just over three years ago, Séanín Smith from Beleeks became very unwell. She has battled conditions that resulted in multiple seizures, endless hospitalisations all of which are now compromising her life.

With a diagnosis of Cranial Instability, Séanín can now no longer support her head and this is crushing her brainstem.
To name a few problems, currently Séanín struggles to:
Get out of bed in the morning or in fact to sleep;
Eat with her gastrointestinal problems / swallow 38 tablets daily;
Sit with joint pain OR stand due to her POTS / walk without the aid of a zimmer frame;
See due to her Macular Degeneration / struggle with pain of neck brace;
Struggles with her fine motor / concentration skills;
but Séanín never struggles to put a smile on her face.

As a result of her complex conditions, Séanín needs fusion stabilisation surgery, a surgery which is only carried out in America!

Medically the Health Service here can offer no further support and in order for her to survive, these medical interventions in the USA are Séanín’s only hope!

How can you help?
WE NEED £100,000 to send Séanín to America

This is an amazing target so far, however, coming from Belleeks, a small village in South Armagh and a modest working class family, we have relied endlessly on the good will of family, friends and neighbours who have fundraised tirelessly to help us reach £50,000 (to this we are truly indebted), but we need more help!
Although, The Fight On Campaign will continue to run a number of events over the next couple of months to try to meet the target of £50,000 we are in desperate need to get the support of others and help from those who can raise awareness of Séanín’s condition!

We are trying to organise a main event which we hope will bring in a lump sum! We are hosting ‘Séanín’s Lip Sync Battle’ in the Canal Court on Friday 24th June 2016.

COULD your club do any fundraiser for Séanín OR simply take part in the ‘Lip Sync Battle’?
We are gathering representatives from all clubs to battle it out to see who can mimic the celebs of today and of course be the KING/QUEEN OF THE CLUBS!

Would you consider putting forward a person(s) to represent your club on the 24th June, if only to help fundraise some money, any money that we can add to the £50,000 raised?
Please kindly consider a possible fundraiser. We are truly desperate!
We have 6 weeks to organise this event so we urgently need to get started.

Please contact me on
OR telephone: Louise Smith 078 4979 0460
We are asking you to be our only hope!



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